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Bob's Shop Notes:
Soldered Lap Splicing of Wires

April 4, 2006

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High quality permanent splices applied with crimp tools can add considerable bulk to a multi-wire bundle. Modern crimp splices for aircraft are now available with very small diameters and volumes . . . but the individual splices and tools for installation are not cheap. Consider this technique which offers the same integrity and space savings with a little more effort and a lot less cost.

Begin by stripping wires to be joined approx 0.3" and 1.3" as shown:

Tease a strand of wire out of the layup on the long strip and cut remaining layup to 0.3" . . . Click Here for Larger Image

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Now is the time to slip a piece of heatshrink over one of the wires. Overlap exposed wires and wrap loose strand around the joint to fixture the wires with respect to each other . . .

Solder the joint with tools of choice . . .

Slip heatshrink over the soldered joint and apply heat to finish the splice . . .

Here's a lap-soldered joint next to a d-sub pins joint. If you anticipate a future need to open the joint for maintenance, D-sub pins under heat-shrink are an ideal substitute for the more classic knife splices in small wires. If the joint is permanent, may I suggest that the soldered lap joint is preferred and costs less.

Of course, if soldering is inconvenient or not possible, D-sub pins under heatshrink is a perfectly acceptable addition to your bag of tricks for quality splicing of small wires.

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