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AeroElectric Connection Products and Services


Revision 11 books may be updated from files downloaded by clicking here.

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12th Edition (Bound Paperback Book) . . . ($20 + postage $3US/$13CAN/$17 elsewhere)
CD + Book BUNDLE . . . ($32 + postage $3US/$13CAN/$17 elsewhere)
12th Edition CD-Rom + Bonus Pack . . . ($16 + postage $2.00 anywhere)

Volume Purchases: Teachers, Dealers, Type Clubs and EAA Chapters may wish to avail themselves of quantity pricing for paper back copies of the AeroElectric Connection. Quantity pricing schedules for shipments to US are as follows:

Mini-Case (8 Copies) 12th Edition (Paperback) . . . ($108.00 to US via Priority Mail)
Full Case (20 Copies) 12th Edition (Paperback) . . . ($255.00 to US via Media Mail)
Out of country orders welcome. Place your order using this form and we'll respond via e-mail with total price.

Engineering Consulting Services

Research, procurement, design and/or fabrication services. Your card will not be charged until work product is delivered and approved unless agreed otherwise. Standard warranty policy applies.

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Not-to-Exceed Hours Consulting Services . . . ($75.00)

AEC9012 Programmable Wig-Wag Controller for LED/Incandescent Lamps

This is the AeroElectric Connection's first Open Source project. This device
was developed with the joint efforts of the AeroElectric-List Membership. The
work product of those individuals has been posted here. Interested
readers are encouraged to review these materials with an eye toward expanding on
their own skills and resources. If anyone has a variation on this theme to offer,
we'll be pleased to add their contributions to the archive.
At the same time, work product of the current participants is available to
individuals as finished goods. Here's a video  that demonstrates the triple-flash
behavior with incandescent lamps.  Here's the installation manual. We're offering
programmed controllers and etched circuit boards for individuals interested in
a DIY project.
Enter Qty:
 AEC9012-1 Prog Wig-Wag Installation Kit . . . ($53.00/ea)
Click Here for larger image. 9012-900-1 Programmed Wig-Wag MicroController . . . ($5.00/ea)
900A-300-1A Bare Etched Circuit Board . . . ($12.00/ea)

Instrument Panel Ground Bus

Now offered in a range of sizes and connector orientations. Horizontal ground busses
bring the wire bundle off parallel to the mounting surface; VERTICAL ground busses
bring wires off perpendicular to the mounting surface. Kit includes ground bus with
male D-Sub connector installed, mating female connector body and full compliment
of machined female crimp pins . . .
Enter Qty:
 AEC9031H37, 37-Pin Horizontal Ground Bus . . . (33.00/ea)
AEC9031V37, 37-Pin Vertical Ground Bus . . . (33.00/ea)
AEC9031H25, 25-Pin Horizontal Ground Bus . . . (27.00/ea)
AEC9031V25, 25-Pin Vertical Ground Bus . . . (27.00/ea)
AEC9031H15, 15-Pin Horizontal Ground Bus . . . (22.00/ea)
AEC9031V15, 15-Pin Vertical Ground Bus . . . (22.00/ea)
AEC9031H9, 9-Pin Horizontal Ground Bus . . . (15.00/ea)
AEC9031V9, 9-Pin Vertical Ground Bus . . . (15.00/ea)
Click Here for description and installation details . . .

Raychem Solder Sleeves with Pigtails

Raychem's Solder Sleeve one-step, heat-shrinkable wire and cable interconnection
devices are a labor saving alternative to conventional wire and cable termination
methods such as craft-sensitive, time-consuming, hand soldering or crimping.
The one-step terminators create strong, soldered connections. They consist of
a heat-shrinkable sleeve, pigtail and a premeasured, fluxed solder band. When heated,
the tubing shrinks and the solder melts, making reliable, insulated terminations.
This part is suited to termination of shields on a shielded pair or trio of 22AWG
wires. Click here for illustrations on usage.
Enter Qty:
 Raychem Solder Sleeve w/Pigtail . . . (7.50/Lot of 10)
Raychem Solder Sleeve w/Pigtail . . . (18.00/Lot of 30)
Click Here for larger image.

WaterProof In-Line ATC Fuseholder

Enter Qty:
 WPFH-1, WaterProof ATC In-Line Fuse Holder . . . (4.50/ea)
Click Here for larger image. This in-line fuse holder is fitted with a bellows-gasket common to automotive connectors. The snap-on cover features a mounting tab for securing this fuse holder to an adjacent surface. The holder is rated for 30A max and is come with 5", 12AWG lead wires.

KT-76 Harness Connector

This connector is a fit and function replacement for the now discontinued Waldom-Molex
12-position, 2-row, 0.156" card edge connector used on the KT-76 transponder (and ohter
vintage radios). This connector features solder tabs. You can replace a worn or damaged
connector without special tools. This is a new connector with gold flash on the pins.
Enter Qty:
 KT-76 Harness Connector . . . (5.00/ea)
Click Here for larger image.

RG-142 Coax Cable Assemblies

RG-142 Coax cable by the foot. Suitable replacement for RG-400/RG-141. You
pay only $1.56/ft for coax ($0.13/inch) and, $4 to $5 each for installed connectors.
Cables longer than 8 feet may be fabricated with two cables joined with
SMA Connectors as a splice and covered with heat-shrink.

CHOICE OF CONNECTORS: Connector styles are in parenthesis in the image to the lower-right. Other styles available for extra charge. Select connector style from those depicted in image and enter into boxes below for up to 12 cable assemblies. If you want a connector on one end only, leave a box blank . . . NOTE Short cables (3 feet or less) having right angle connectors on BOTH ends should probably be planned so that the cable is not in a TWIST when installed. When such cables are ordered, we'll have some conversation to deduce the proper 'clocking' of the two connectors with respect to each other.

           Connector   Length   Connector
             Style   in Inches    Style
Cable #1         
Cable #2         
Cable #3         
Cable #4         
Cable #5         
Cable #6         
Cable #7         
Cable #8         
Cable #9         
Cable #10        
Cable #11        
Cable #12        

RG-142 Coax Cable Segments (No Connectors)

Extra good deal on bare coax. I have a quantity of coax segments 7.5 feet long offered by the piece for $1.00/ft. Enter Qty for number of pieces . . . RG-142 Bare Coax Cable 7+ Feet . . . . . . . . . . ($7.00/ea)

Click Here for larger image.

Precision Coax Cable Stripper

My all-time favorite 3-blade coax stripper is back!

Micro-adjustable cutting depth. Matching hex wrench included. Know that these strippers are not adjusted at the factory. Get a scrap of coax and set it up with supplied wrench. You may do a dozen cuts or more before you've got it right. A bright inspection light & magnifying glass is helpful for checking your work. From then on, I trust you'll enjoy this tool! It really takes the work out of preparing a coax for installation of a connector. Click here for Shop Notes on this tool

If you'd like to have us adjust the stripper, you
can order the CALIBRATED version below and we'll
set it up for RG141/142/400 Coax. When we do the
set-up, a series of cuts will be inspected under
the microscope for signs of nicked wires. The last
cut made will be sent along with the calibrated tool.

Enter Qty:
Precision Adjustable Coax Stripper . . . (15.00/ea)
CALIBRATED Coax Stripper . . .(25.00/ea)

High Intensity LED Annunciator/Flood Lamps

  These all metal fixtures are fitted with high intensity LEDs and 36" color coded
  leadwires. They mount in a 5/16" hole with panel thickness up to 0.150". Bezel
  diameter is 0.4 inches. You may run these lamps at up to 50 mA for sun-light
  visibility (220 ohm resistor in 14v system). They will provide good night time
  visibility with as little as 2 mA. These also make good panel flood illuminators.
  One on each side, wired in series and aimed to flood 1/2 the panel will provide
  endurance-mode panel illumination for a power budget less 50mA and probably much less.
Caution These are 'barefoot' LED fixtures. Attempting to operate or test these lamps without series resistor of 220 ohms or more will result in instant destruction of the lamp
Enter Qty: 9002-100-3 Amber Annunciator . . . (12.00/ea)
9002-100-2 RED Annunciator . . . (12.00/ea)
9002-100-6 BLUE Annunciator . . . (12.00/ea)
9002-100-5 WHITE Annunciator . . . (12.00/ea)
9002-100-5 GREEN Annunciator . . . (12.00/ea)
Click Here for larger image.

Toggle Switch Safety Cover

Enter Qty:
 Toggle Switch Safety Cover . . . .($4.50/ea)
Fits legacy toggle switches with 15/32 mounting holes. Closing cover forces
toggle down. Click here  for larger image.

Tefzel Shielded Wire

  Was unpacking some moving boxes and ran across spools of shielded single
  and twisted trio 22AWG Tefzel wire. I'm offering these put-up increments of 10' until
  it's gone at a fraction of the going rate.
  Enter Qty:
    22AWGS Twisted Triple - 10' Increment . . . . (3.50/ea)
22AWGS Single Conductor - 10' Increment . . . . (2.50/ea)
Click Here for larger image.

Crowbar OverVoltage Module

Enter Qty:
 CbOV-14 Crowbar OV Protection Module . . . .($33.00/ea)
 CbOV-28 Crowbar OV Protection Module . . . .($33.00/ea)

AEC9008-3 Low Resistance Measurement Adapter

  This new and improved adapter is based on the article  Practical Low Resistance
  Measurements with resolution as small as 100 microOhms.  The adapter features two test
  currents: 100 and 1000 mA. The higher test current requires a more robust battery. The
  improved low ohms adapter uses the classic, 6-volt, spring-top lantern battery
  (not included). These batteries are readily available for about $5 with a lantern
  thrown in!
  Current selection is accomplished by re-positioning a jumper on top of the Low Ohms
  Adapter. The 4-wire measurement architecture eliminates significant errors contributed
  by VOM test leads in the measurement of low resistance. For more information, download
  the user's manual from support documents library.
  Enter Qty:
   AEC9008-3 Low Ohms Adapter . . . (45.00/ea)
Click Here for larger image.

Miniature Loadmeter Kits - ON SALE

Single Alternator Kit
Enter Qty:
 AEC9007-1 Loadmeter Kit
       (Black Faced Instrument + One Shunt) . . . . .($40.00/ea) 43% OFF
 Enter size of shunt in amps 
Dual Alternator Kit
Enter Qty:
 AEC9007-2 Loadmeter Kit
       (Black Faced Instrument + 2 Shunts + Miniature
	    Selector Switch  . . . . . . . . . . .  ($65.00/ea) 35% OFF
 Enter size of #1 shunt in amps 
 Enter size of #2 shunt in amps 

Miniature Schottky E-bus Normal Feed Diode

Enter Qty:
 AEC9001-1 Schottky Power Diode Kit . . . . . . . .($25.00/ea)