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Miniature Precision Loadmeter Kits

Click Here for Larger Image A few years ago we offered a combination low voltage warning product that included an expanded scale analog voltmeter and loadmeter in a single instrument. Unfortunately sources for instruments I could buy at the time were not up to the quality we wanted to sell and the product was discontinued.

We're pleased to offer a smaller, precision loadmeter that features a meter movement by Tripplet . . . a very old name in quality instrumentation. This instrument comes in a kit with custom shunt(s) individually calibrated for +/-3% accuracy. Dimensional drawings and installation diagrams may be downloaded for review by Clicking here.

Matching Shunts

Click here for larger image. To meet published accuracy specifications, this loadmeter must be used in combination with matched shunts. We calibrate each of the shunts provided in the kit to your instrument.

Selector Switch Bonus

The dual loadmeter kits will be shipped with a CK7203, minature double-pole, double-throw toggle switch at no extra charge. We suggest this switch be mounted adjacent to the instrument to select which alternator load is to be displayed.

P/N AEC9007-1 Single Alternator Loadmeter Kit (Black Face Instrument + Shunt of your choice)
P/N AEC9007-2 Dual Alternator Loadmeter Kit (Black Face Instrument + 2 Shunts of your choice + CK Miniature Selector Switch)

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Last updated 07/05/08